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Phonak Audeo V Hearing Aids Features and Prices

*Savings shown for illustrative purposes. Your actual cost may vary depending on model and market. Call Ideal Hearing for details.

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Average Retail Price:               $5000
iDeal Hearing Price:             $2,398

UCT Discount                           -$200

Cost Per Pair                     $2198

With a $200 UCT Discount

Phonak Audeo V30 (Pair)

Free Hearing Test & Local Service Included
A hearing exam, custom programming, fitting, follow-up care and a supply of free batteries are included with each purchase.

Professional Local Service

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
We guarantee your satisfaction with a 45-day trial period, full factory warranties and loss and damage coverage!

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Open to All UCT Members and their Families
You and your adult family members (including parents) are eligible to participate in our discount hearing aid program.

UCT Members can save 40-50% or $2,000-$3000  compared with the national average selling price for the same state of the art hearing aids

Open to Insured Members and their Families

Best Doctor Recommended Brands!

Best Doctor-Recommended Brands
You can literally save thousands on doctor-recommended models from Siemens/Signia, Phonak, ReSound, Widex and others!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Premium Hearing Aids

at Discount Prices!

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Wide Selection Available from Top Manufacturers

  • Phonak
  • ReSound
  • Rexton
  • Siemens/ Signia
  • Widex

Save thousands off of local hearing offices!

Mention discount code "UCT" when you call for an additional $100 off per hearing aid and free batteries!

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